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Do you plan on participating in on campus interviewing for jobs and internships?  Please read the On Campus Interviewing Policies below:

1. Campus interviewing is available to individuals who are enrolled in an academic program at Lafayette College.
2. Current graduates may interview on campus for full-time employment for a total of two semesters, no more than six months after receiving their Lafayette degree.
3. Seniors who register with Career Services but decide not to interview for a given semester should contact Career Services in order to ensure their ability to take full advantage of two semesters of interviewing.
4. Students enrolled at Lafayette College may interview on campus for internship opportunities.
5. Alumni who do not meet the previous eligibility statements may use the Alumni Job Vault ? free of charge ? to arrange independent interviews.

Interview Accepts and Sign-ups
1. Students are required to sign up for interviews for which they have been accepted.
2. If an extenuating circumstance requires cancellation, students will discuss this circumstance with Career Services at least three working days before the interview date.
3. One missed interview (i.e. not signing up for an interview for which you were ?accepted? or not showing up for the interview) will result in temporary cancellation of your access to Career Vault. You will be required to submit a letter of apology to the corporate representative with a copy provided to the Director of Career Services to resume interviewing.
4. If a student misses more than one interview (i.e. not signing up without prior notification to Career Services or not showing up for an interview), the remaining scheduled interviews will be canceled. Students may appeal this decision with the Director of Career Services for review and appropriate action.

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